Northern Lights Chase with North Norwegian Charm

With good local knowledge we will find the best area for the lights and good scenery for your pictures. To find a clear sky we will drive where we have to, even to inner Troms if needed. During the evening your guide will tell you interesting information about the Northern lights, both the science and the folklore.
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With a broad knowledge about the local area backed up by running communication with locals and obervations by web cam, we will make sure to find this nights best area for viewing the northern lights. And we will also try to get you to the best spots for a scenic view where you can take pictures.

We’ll drive wherever we must for our guests in the pursuit of clear skies, regardless if that takes us all the way to Finland. On the road your guide will educate you on the scientific facts of Aurora Borealis, but even more interesting you’ll get to hear about the folklore and myths that has been associated with this phenomenon for centuries.

We will also provide guidance on how to adjust your camera settings to take the best pictures, and we will also take photos of our guests with the northern lights in the background which can be taken home to family and friends. (Available for download in original size from our Flickr account).

We may also visit our lavvu (our modern Sami shelter) and sit around the nice and warm bonfire, and roast marshmallows (If we are within reasonable driving distance from our base camp).

Occasionally the chance of a clear sky is low, in that case we look at the latest weather update at 18.00. We meet you at the pickup time and inform about the situation. If you dont want to take the risk then you get your money refounded. But if you choose to take the chanse then we offer no refound since we will do our best to sucseed- we want you to see the lights just as much as you want to!

Note: We cannot guarantee availability the following day.

From Sep 15 – March 31.

The ultimate northern lights chase – approx. 6 hrs

Departure: 19:15, Scandic Ishavshotel (Adress: Fredrik Langes gate 2)

Price: Adults: NOK 1 150,- Children: NOK 800,- 


- Tripod 

- Warm overalls

- Picture on Flicr to download 

- Coffe, tea and cake

Not offered to children under 5 years, because of the cold temperatures.

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