Northern Lights Chase with Authentic North Norwegian Charm

Experience local North Norwegian hospitality and humor in a small group. We will take you on a journey into our coastal history, our pride and our heritage. Let us make your Northern Lights trip more than just a memory of the Northern Lights.
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"We want you to see the northern lights, just as much as you want to see the northern lights"

As one of the pioneers in Tromso chasing the northern lights, we are happy to celebrate 20 years anniversary in 2024. That also means that we have enormous experience and knowledge about the local area. We want you to experience the real Northern Norway hospitality, charm and humor that will be more than the northern lights trip you had envisioned. We create memories from the heart, and we promise we will do everything we can to ensure that you get your northern lights dream come true, but with an effort that comes from above and beond.

We’ll drive wherever we need to in the pursuit of clear skies. Sometimes this takes us all the way to Finland, so remember to dress warm. In the minibuss we have thermal suits that you can wear on top of your own warm clothes, dont hesitate to put them on.

We meet you at Scandic ishavshotel in the city centre, just a walk from most hotels and only 10 minutes from the airport. In advance of the trip, we have studied changes in the weather throughout the day with local knowledge. This gives us the plan and the location that is going to give us the best chance of getting clear skies, and the northern lights. We cooperate with the best guides in the city to make sure that we succeed, you should feel and see that we go above and beond to give you the miracle of nature - the Northern Lights. Now the adventure begins, and we will show you a film about the northern lights, both science and myths to be as prepared as you can.

If we are lucky and the weather is good at our homeplace, we will drive you home to our farm on the coast. Here you get the opportunity to see and experience our farm that holds the memories from our coastal history where people where surviving on fishing and farming. Our story started here in 1880. On the farm we have a lavvo that will protect us from the the weather, and as we are waiting for the lights to appear we will tell our history that has both Sami, Kven and not least real "city boy traces" back to when Tromsø became a city in 1794. If we have to go to other places, we make sure to make it pleasant where we are, with a fire, seating, hot coffee, chocolate, tea and the world's best chocolate cake

During the evening we take professional photos with our camera of you under the northern lights. These will be available for download from our Flickr account. We will also help you with settings on your camera or phone to be able to take your own photos.

Occasionally the chance of a clear sky is low, in that case we look at the latest weather update at 18.00. We meet you at the pickup time and inform about the situation. If you dont want to take the risk then you get your money refounded. (We cannot guarantee availability the following day.) But if you choose to take the chanse then we offer no refound since we will do our best to succseed- remeber- "we want you to see the lights just as much as you want to!"

A friendly advice is to have your travel insurance in order before you travel, due to arctic conditions. We have pick up at Tromsø Camping at 18.15 if you want to be picked up there, it must be stated in your booking.


Minibuss With max 16 guests for the the personal touch


Adults: NOK 1490,-

Children: NOK 1300,- 

Meeting time: 6:35pm (18:35)

Departure: 6:45 pm (18:45)

Place: Scandic Ishavshotel (Adress: Fredrik Langes gate 2)

Duration: 6 hrs


  • Tripod for camera
  • Picture on Flicr to download 
  • Coffe, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate cake
  • Warm overalls
  • English speaking guide

Age limit:

Not offered to children under 5 years, because of the cold temperatures.

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes, good shoes, hat, gloves and scarf
  • camera if you have one
  • spikes for shoes (when slippery)
  • good mood

Can i do this? 

We are going out into nature in the dark, so be aware that it may be a little difficult to walk sometimes. We will adapt the experience to each of you so that you get the best experience based on your needs. With nations from all over the world, we will create an arctic team which together will create a wonderful, safe atmosphere you will never forget.

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