Midnight Adventure in a RiB boat

While admiring the midnight sun, we travel through Kvalsundet, in hope to see harbour porpoises, seals and perhaps even sea eagles. Gasvar is an idyllic little island out in the open sea, and is filled with white coral sand, and has a beautiful little church.
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As a local family that has been surviving on fishing and farming thru 4 generations, we will take you by boat to our backyard, also known as the sea. This is the waters my ancestors have been rowing their boats to catch the meal of the day. The year is different, the boat is a solid rib boat, but the sea and the area is still the same.

We will travel by rib boat to the idyllic little island Gåsvær that holds a little church out in the open sea. This has be en an important meeting point for the fishermen threw years to hear the latest news, and the local gossip. Since we belong to this area and the community, we can open the doors for you and let you see this beautiful old wooden church. We will take a short hike to the best viewing spot on the island and from here the view toward north is undisturbed and we will see the sun that never sets… The midnight sun.

On the way back to Tromso we take a short stop at Risvika, our homeplace and tell the history about the area.

Shags, the white-tailed eagle and the Golden eagle is a common sight in our area as well as puffins, guillemots, theists, and European storm petrels. Harbor seals are often seen popping their heads up from the water, and if we are lucky, we might also see the small harbor porpoises.

Note: Taking our responsibility for the environment we are two small companies that cooperate in time periods of low participant numbers. Therefore some nights you will meet our partner on the pick up, and the activity description will be slightly changed. But we guarantee an amazing experience.

From 22. May – 10. August

Duration: 3 hrs.

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