A real coastal culture experience

This is a tour that pays homage to Tromsø`s farming and fishing history, in a minibuss you will travel to an old farm and learn about the local culture while tasting local beer and stock fish.
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As a local family surviving on fishing and farming through 4 generations, we will welcome you to our home, and give you authentic north Norwegian charm and hospitality.

In a minibuss we will  take you through amazing scenery out to our small community with 270 inhabitants. This village has a local fish factory that is 100 years old, and the fish racks and the small fishing boats will give you an insight into how the people have lived their lives here.

From there we will go to Risvika, our old arctic farm where fishing and farming was the way of survival. We will take a stroll around the area and give you a glimpse of how the family has lived their lives, and how the culture has changed through the years. We will sit around the bonfire in a sami lavvo and enjoy a local beer from the Mack bewery, and a taste of  our local snack- the stock fish. All this while the bonfire is warming you during a nice chat around the bonfire.

This tour pays homage to Tromsø`s farming and fishing history

Duration:  4 hrs          

Price adult: NOK 1 200,-    

Price children 7-11 years: NOK 1100,-

Pick up 2:00 Entrance of Scandic Ishavshotel

(We kindly request that you meet 10 min before departure)

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